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Spiritual Authority in a Modern World

 Author: Dr. Sharon Schuetz  Category: Spiritual Authority  Publisher: Sonshine Publishing  Published: 16 Sep, 1999  ISBN: 0-9844505-6-4  Download


God designed marriage for specific purposes, which we should all strive to achieve in our relationship. His first objective for marriage is companionship for both partners. True friendship grows out of the oneness of spirit. Oneness of spirit results from both partners focusing their hearts and minds upon Jesus in their desire to serve Him together. Partners who endeavor to serve and please God will “leave their father and mother and cleave unto each other, as they become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). Cleaving together is more than satisfying our desires and drives.

Marriage includes three fundamental parts. The first part, leaving, is when a man and a woman make a public pledge of allegiance and lifelong commitment. The second is the joining or cleaving, which involves the physical expression of romantic love and faithfulness. Finally, cleaving leads to the third component, becoming one flesh, or the sexual connection that unites the souls or the spiritual and psychological intertwining of persons.