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A Modern Day Princess

 Author: Dr. Sharon Schuetz  Category: Family Relationships  Publisher: Sonshine Publishing  Published: 12 Apr, 2006  ISBN: 0-9844505-0-5  Download

Christians live in such a kingdom. It has no borders and spans the entire globe. Our realm has been here forever, with neither beginning nor end. Our King has always been King and can’t die or abdicate His throne, as lesser kings have done throughout the centuries. Many have tried and failed to overthrow Him.

God’s Kingdom is forever, and as His adopted daughters, we have access to all the riches promised to His children. An adopted child has every legal right to the inheritance, privileges, and rights awarded to a biological child. As God’s daughters, we’re part of His royal family, making Him our Father and us heirs to His Kingdom. If you’re born again, you’re the King’s daughter or a princess.

A princess is a female sovereign or a female member of a royal family, having equal rank or right of a prince. The royal family possesses a political system or social class considered of superior quality or the nobility. Britain’s royal family comprises dukes, earls, viscounts, and barons with their counterparts.