• Pregnant with Promise

    You couldn’t tell just by looking at the clouds floating against the blue canvas sky that Amy McPherson’s world had just ended. She wiped the back of her hand [...]
  • Welcome to Life Quest

    “Welcome to Life Quest? We have an exciting show planned for today. Both contestants committed treason and our studio audience will determine who will live and who will [...]
  • My Dear Wormwood

    My Dear Wormwood, I am pleased to see you have successfully persuaded your patient to get involved in this new financial scheme. Convincing him that he can multiply his small [...]
  • In the Midst of the Storm

    “The Art Center is having a contest,” Sue Rhine bit her lip and offered Larry the crumpled flyer. “They’re looking for a painting of the [...]
  • Train Ride to Hell

    Rachel stood statuesque, staring into the fire. The strain of the last two years had hardened her delicate features. Tiny hands, calloused from inhuman living conditions, [...]

Full Circle

May 26, 2017 // 0 Comments

Mary always knew this day would come, but she was still unprepared for it. How could anyone prepare for this? This insanity? The vacillating crowd, followed him with cheers [...]

Good Morning USA

May 26, 2017 // 0 Comments

“Good Morning U.S.A., we’re the place for news, weather, and traffic updates, and here’s your host, Diane Mason. Good morning, Diane.” “Good [...]